HotIronTub. Production and installation
The moment of real pleasure!


Profit increases.

Installing the vans, you get the advantage among you competitors. Your place will become the pearl of the region. Your guests will have a thing to amuse their leisure during the bad weather, at any time of the year. Satisfied, well-to-do clients will tell their acquaintances about you, recommend you to their friends. Surprise your visitors with an exclusive, which only some people can afford.


Delight, complete delight - that is about the Ukrainian vat.

The process is gentle. Your head is not in the hot water. The heat is spreading evenly throughout the body. Steaming out with fragrant herbs is the impression of the lifetime. Relaxation in the vat is exactly what you need after active recreation, riding, and hiking.


Bath in the hot iron tub is health-giving.

It takes away stress. It improves the sleep. It calms the nervous system. It relieves the depression. It improves the vitality. Happiness hormones are allocated in the organism. 

It trains the vascular system. Thanks to the production of new white blood cells, immunity rises. The work of the kidneys improves. Metabolism, blood circulation is stimulated. Slags, toxins are removed. Recovery processes in the body are activated.

Muscles are relaxed. The lactic acid is removed. The person begins to lose the weight faster.

Steaming out in the herbs infusion cures the skin, cleans it. Dead cells are flushed. The skin can absorb a huge amount of nutrients, more than other bodies of our organism. Bathing in water with dissolved mineral and vitamins in it is not only cosmetic, but also a medical procedure.

It is recommended as family rest, visit in company of friends. All worries are forgotten, people just enjoy the life.




Pay the advance, receive the contract







model M

Weight: 1300 kg

Content: 900-1600 l

Capacity: 2-6 people

cast iron is covered with enamel
6800 €

model L

Weight: 1600 kg

Content: 1100-1800 l

Capacity: 4-7 people

cast iron is covered with enamel
7200 €

model XL

Weight: 1800 kg

Content: 1300-2100 l

Capacity: 6-8 people

cast iron is covered with enamel
7900 €


The construction of the steam-bath is rather easy: the fire, the cast iron vat and the water. However, some factors need to be taken into account:

  • Construction from fire-brick and steel bearings must be strong enough to stand high temperatures (up to 800 °) and the weight of a cast iron vat (3000 - 5000 kilograms).
  • It is necessary to remove the smoke into the chimney.
  • The materials used for the construction of a steam-bath must be strong and durable.
  • The vat is installed with a slight incline in one direction, where excess water can drain.
  • Flooring should not be slippery to avoid injury.
  • A tap must be installed to add cold water.
  • The place with the beautiful view will be the best for bath-room, but if you have decided to install the cast iron van in the closed room, think about the appropriate interior. The van looks the most spectacular on the natural materials background (stone, wood).
  • It is necessary to equip a warm room for changing clothes and relaxing between the procedures.




Have a steam bath in a vat **Bomb**

We decided with our friends to go to steam in the vat. Mass of impressions from this procedure, full relaxation. And the skin became velvety and silky. JUST SUPER...

Having received a lot of pleasure. Rest in this place for any season and a good opportunity to relax.

Having a bath in a vat is helpful for taking away stress. It improves the sleep. It calms the nervous system. It relieves the depression. It improves the vitality. Happiness hormones are allocated in the organism. 



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