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Wood fire hot tub diy. Hot iron Tub recommendations and technical characteristics

We are happy to welcome you if you have chosen our Hot iron Tub for your home or business. Swimming and relaxing in the fresh air are great physical and mental benefit to you, your family and your customers. We have prepared this document for you, which will describe important instructions and tips for setting up our wood burning hot tub. By following these simple instructions, you will easily understand how to build a wooden hot tub on your territory.

wood fired hot tub installation scheme

Wood hot tub steps

hot tub diy

Wood hot tub base

Under the hot iron tub pour a plate of 100-150 mm with reinforcement of 12 mm on a sand-gravel pillow.


The wood fired hot tub is placed on a temporary support (bricks, blocks, pallets) at a height of 670 mm above the concrete level. You can make a small slope from the furnace so that the splashed water does not fall on the fire.

outdoor hot tub diy


We put four channels under a board of cast iron tub, we weld among themselves a strip or armature. We put a plate on the concrete under the channel. Take out the temporary resistance.

woodburning hottub

Wood hot tub stove

Under hot iron tub, fireclay bricks are laid on concrete on a 113 mm rib, and the walls of the kiln are built in a circle from below. The height of the combustion chamber is 550 mm.

hottub outdoor installation


The chimney should be made of 200 mm pipe and lined with brick. It can be removed at an angle of up to 4 m.

fire hottub how to install chimney

Finishing work

Doors are installed and facing materials are arranged. You can see how our other customers did it in the Gallery.

What you need to pay attention to

Injury safety

Steps, coverings around the Hot iron Tub should not be slippery. Avoid sharp corners !!!


A place to change, a place to rest, a shower, a bath or a bucket of cold water.

Smoke extraction

Chimney 2.5 m high and higher at a distance of up to 4 meters from wood hot tub. On a chimney it is necessary to establish a draft regulator (gate).

hot tub with wood stove, wood burning hottubs

hot tub with wood stove

Filling with water

To fill with water, install a decorative faucet. Be sure to arrange a “bottom point” where the water will drain from the system when the tank is idle in the cold.


It is necessary to take into account where the splashed water will flow so that it does not flood the furnace, in winter it should not accumulate and freeze.

Regulation of combustion

It is realized by means of the draft regulator (gate) and closing of a hot tub wood stove door. It is possible to install two regulators of air supply on 100 mm. Then the door can be permanently closed.

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