Cedar Hot Tub decorated

«model M»



We all want the perfect backyard, somewhere to escape, relax and unwind after a long day. To achieve that perfect at-home retreat many people are incorporating relaxing cedar hot tubs into their landscape designs. The best cedar decorated hot tub, in the perfect setting, can create an oasis that meets your dreams, needs, and budget.

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Characteristics of cedar decorated hottub:

  • diameter: 2100 mm
  • cedar hot tub height: 735  mm
  • water tonnage: 1,3 t
  • capacity :4-6 people
  • heating time: 30-40 min
  • spending of wood: 1-1,5 wheelbarrows of firewood
  • ____________________________________________
  • material: alloy cast iron
  • properties: keeps temperature for a long time, heats up evenly, does not burn out
  • coating: coated with a silicon-based material
  • surface:  foundry shale
  • thickness: bottom – 45 mm, board – 30 mm
  • bottom: flat
  • shape: truncated cone
  • construction: no welding and welding seams, cast, monolithic
  • ____________________________________________
  • delivery: tow truck, on-board transport with lateral or upper unloading, autovalve, tilt transport
  • unloading: crane, manipulator, loader with a capacity of 1.5 tons
  • packaging: pallets (120 * 80 cm) “European standard” – 2 pcs
  • installation: on the prepared basis, on the furnace from a refractory brick with metal support
  • heating method: burning with firewood
  • water drainage: pump
  • cleaning method: household bath products, brushes, sponges
  • ____________________________________________
  • brand: Hot iron Tub
  • warranty: 30 years
  • our advantages: convenience of the form \ products are certified \ resistance to loadings \ durability \ a 30 years guarantee
  • export conditions: FCA, CPT customs clearance
  • ТАRIC, CN, ТНВЭД, УКТЗЕД, code: 732 21 000 0 
  • terms of sale: prepayment
  • BUY now: 6200 €


This model is optimal for private use or as a set to a larger then 4 person hot tub dimentions for commercial use.

Cedar wood decorated burning hot tub – pleasure in your garden.

Such cast hot iron tub is known as: cedar hot tub or cedar soaking tub.

This always means a wood burning tub with warm water in your own garden. Relax with friends and family in your own cedarwood hot tub. In the garden, in nature, you can not only freshen up, but also free your mind. Our barrel tub relaxation is available in any time and in any weather conditions.

We selected the typical body positions and took them into account when developing the best cedar decorated hot tubs shape!

body position in hot tub

body position in hot tub

Having studied the issue, we have developed the most convenient form.

Ceader hot tub does not require the use of any underwater structures (wood, screws, etc.) that may cause injury.

Ceder hot iron tub has the ability to accumulate a lot of heat.

The other brand’s analogues doesnt have this property.

Cast iron cedar wood fire tub warms water and the body evenly, deeply, maintains the temperature for a long time.

Cedar hot tubs gallery installation will allow to implement various projects.

hot tub lines

hot tub lines

What is round hot tub made of?

Cast iron is optimal for hot tub cedar decorated. It is used to make reliable furnaces, grate, fireplaces, and furnace fittings.


DELIVERY of cedar tubs

We deliver our cedartubs by logistic companies and our own transport. For these purposes, awning or open transport is used, with top or side loading.


UNLOADING of hot tubs

The manipulator, the crane, the loader with a capacity from 1,5t is suitable for unloading.


How does wood fired cedar hot tub works?

It is recommended to start the first procedure with 38 degrees. People are usually soaring at 38-40 degrees Celsius, it feels like 80-110 Celsius in the bath.


Installation of 2, 3, 4 person hot tub

We will provide all drawings, recommendations, photos for self-installation, or recommend specialists.


Hot ceder Tub Manufacturing

Production facilities are based on modern equipment (Swedish “HYBE Maskin” and “Malcus”).

The products are licensed to be tested in our own laboratory.


BUY HOT iron TUB «model M»

Feelings in a cast iron Tub are not the same as in classic one, it is difficult to convey in text, just as it is difficult to describe in words the taste of fresh bread, the aroma of a thunderstorm or fresh hay…

People like bathing, it lifts their spirits, have a positive effect on health, gives joy and bliss. Cedar decorated hot tub is popular in both summer and winter. After bathing in the tub, your customers will tell about it to their acquaintances and friends, they will want to come back to you again and again.

With such a cedar covered hot tub your establishment will become a pearl of the region!

Hot iron Tub Lines

Hot Tub Lines
model M
model L
model XL
Hot Tub Cost
6200 €
7900 €
9700 €
4-6 people
5-7 people
6-8 people
Hot Tub height
Water tonnage
about 1,3t
about 1,8t
about 2t
Heating time
30-40 min
40-50 min
50-60 min
Wood consumption
1-1,5 wheelbarrows of firewood
1,5 wheelbarrows of firewood
1,5-2 wheelbarrows of firewood
Material of cedartubs
alloyed heat-resistant cast iron
uniform heating, long lasting temperature, does not burn out
foundry shale
dark brown
bottom - 45 mm, board - 30 mm
silicon-based coating
truncated cone
without welding and welding seams, cast, monolithic
auto laveta, tow truck, onboard transport, transport with hydraulic board, tilt transport with lateral or top unloading
pallets (120 * 80 cm) "European standard" - 2 pcs
crane, manipulator, loader with a capacity of 1.5 tons (1.8 tons and 2.0 tons, respectively)
Hot Tub diy
on the furnace from a refractory brick with metal support on a concrete basis
Heating method
burning with firewood
Water drainage
by pump, self-flowing with a hose
Cleaning method
bath cleaners, brushes, sponges
30 years
durability / convenience of the form / products are certified / resistance to loadings / a guarantee
Terms of sale
Hot iron Tub
Made in
Export conditions
FCA, CPT customs clearance ТАRIC, CN, ТНВЭД, УКТЗЕД, code: 732 21 000 0