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Snow monkeys or enjoy your bath!

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Snow monkeys or enjoy your bath!

As it known, animals do not like bath procedures very much, but still there are exceptions. But the biggest water fans live in Japan. Meet small, fluffy, friendly and just cute snow monkeys.

Japan often surprises the world with interesting things, youth culture, diligence and as it turned out even animals hear are unusual. In the North of the Land of Rising Sun where snow covers the earth for over four months snow monkeys live. How can they stand the freeze, where do they sleep and what do they eat, when it is snow all around them? 

First of all, it is necessary to note, that country is taking care of their little friends. The territory, where these fluffy animals live is a national park, named Jigokudani, which means “Hell’s Valley”. The peculiarity of this land is the great number of thermal sources and geysers with boiling water. They save the monkeys from cold. These smart animals spend the most of the day in the natural thermal water. Namely, they take a kind of hot relaxing bath in the fresh air. They get into the water to the neck and sit there quietly until the next day afternoon.

When the sun is sufficiently warms up the air, animals leave their "jacuzzi", dry and seek food. By the way, to dry quickly the Japanese macaques stroke the fur of each other. They never have fleas or lice, and in such way they show love and concern. Due to the thick grayish fur, these funny creatures look much bigger than they really are.

Despite the height of 80-95 cm, they have a relatively low weight of 12 to 15 kg, and females even smaller. The tail of these monkeys is 10 cm in length. Life expectancy is about 30 years. The favorite foods of snow monkeys are needles, buds and leaves of trees, berries, and from the snow they dig different roots and insect larvae. Sometimes, in a particularly cold period, they start some kind of food-getting system. For example, two or three animals with dry fur look for food every day in turn, and feed their relatives while they sit and bask in geysers.

They communicate with each other using gestures, facial expressions, sounds. Relationships between family members are extremely friendly, and males are always involved in bringing up babies.

Snow monkeys are very smart and often copy the human’s behavior. It’s especially interesting to watch them playing snowballs or trying to make a snowman. Of course, the weather must be sunny and warm enough!

Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to admire the funny monkeys, whom the nature created the big vat for bathing and life.

And some of the visitors even enjoy the beauty of the nature and the warm of healing water with these cunning fluffy creatures!

But I think that they would like better vats in Carpathian Ruthenia full of healing water.

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