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Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Since the moment of its appearance the mankind is constantly developing and trying to change everything around itself. Scientists claim, that it happens due to our desire for comfort.

At first, hunters invented a weapon to protect themselves from predators and hunt, then they started to build houses and wear clothes. Soon, ensuring of the basic needs grew up into the desire for luxury. And that how it goes, century after century. 

Nowadays we try to provide ourselves with a proper life, as well as our distant ancestors. That includes house, work, vacation, and lot of different food and, of course, entertainment. Some people think the best way to entertain is to go to the disco; others prefer museums, theatre, cinema. There are people who can’t imagine a vacation without an outdoor recreation, and there are those, who like relaxing in a steam bath.

It’s interesting, that long time ago, bathhouses, or thermae, as Romans called them, were the main place for entertainment and public life. Poets, singer’s performances, were held there, people concluded there the trade agreements, discussed the news and communicated. In other words, the visitors came not only to wash off the dirt and the tiredness, but to spend time culturally and with the benefit.  

Bath, warm water, steam, peace – it’s not only pleasant things, but health-giving. More and more people, who like bathing, dream about having their own steam bath at home or about bathing in the hot vat, which is very popular now.

And some craftsmen seem to have a competition – who imagines the most creative or sometimes the most foolish way of bathing. We can see lots of videos on the internet websites, where such people sit in the bath, which stands on the “merry fire”. The comments to these photos and videos are abundant in positive reviews, as well as in surprised ones, and in emoji twisting finger at the temple. Personally, I like that photo the most, on which the man happily bathes and washes his hair, sitting in the bucket of a huge excavator.  I really wanted to write the words from the comedy TV-show: "Chelyabinsk men are so severe ...", the next words probably everyone can add himself. 

Of course, it’s only jokes, but what is the reason of reinventing the wheel? There’s no wonder that people say that new is well-forgotten old. For example, bathing in vats is known in Ukraine from ancient times. However, you need a special cast iron vat steam bath to relax fully and heal your body.

Of course, it costs pretty much, but health and benefit are not compatible with the concept of "cheap and simple"! Besides, it can be even dangerous – all that questionable methods of heating water, making a fire under containers not suitable for bathing… Burns, skin chafe and lots of other problems can be results of self-made hot tubs. Funny pictures and simple cheap ideas look good only on the screen, and in the real life it’s better to think about the safety and buy the vat for bathing from a conscientious producer. 

If you are thinking about the making of such bath in your house or in the entertainment complex, it is worth remembering that Ukrainian vats look particularly luxurious framed with natural stone and wood.

And to completely distance yourself from the daily worries, think of a beautiful landscape. Of course, you can’t transfer the mountains and rivers wherever you want, but you can accommodate future bath-tub in the garden, surrounded by trees and flowers. Enjoy bathing at any time of the year, regardless of the weather!


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